Alas I’m so sorry…

Bath ii

Pastel drawing A4

I’m so sorry – the time has come to an end rather more abruptly then I had previously thought. Yesterday I was offered an amazing opportunity to exhibit with a third gallery in the west country, and therefore from today I can no longer sell oil sketches on my blog. Sadly I just don’t have the time to work for a third gallery as well as my own blog work in oils, and so from today my oil sketches will be sold alongside my other work at normal gallery prices.

I have wanted a third gallery for a while now and so I am absolutely thrilled with this opportunity, and will be throwing myself into it wholeheartedly. I will keep this blog up and running, as I intend to continue to show available drawings and I will also make up some limited edition prints for purchase online of my paintings, so people can still buy my work in a different format.

Thanks so much for your wonderful following, and wish me luck with my new gallery venture!



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